Boxed List

Welcome to Yvonnie Spa We welcome you to our hotel’s luxurious spa “Yvonnie Spa”. Enjoy a relaxation session in the hands of the experienced staff and feel refreshed and rejuvenated. More

Size: 100 sqm
Capacity: 1-2 persons

A luxurious 100 m2 suite with fully glazed facade windows and balcony doors that are filled with the distinct blue color of the Mediterranean Sea...

Size: 55 sqm
Capacity: 2-6 persons

Named after princess Lalla Ashmaa of Morocco, after her stay in 2006 is luxuriously furnished with customized furniture, atmospheric ambient lighting and...

Size: 40 sqm
Capacity: 2-4 persons

It is a maisonette (two floor apartment) which consists of a queen size bedded room at the 1st floor, bathroom and a sitting area at the second floor, with a...

Size: 60 sqm
Capacity: 3-4 persons

Consist of two separated twin bedded rooms or one bedroom and a small sitting area with sofa (for the accommodation of a third person), elegantly...

Size: 35 sqm
Capacity: 2-3 persons

A spacious (almost 35 sq.m) superior room, elegantly decorated, available in queen size or twin-beds, sitting area with sofa, furnished balcony, sea or garden...